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Video Projects

Video Projects

For the University

Summer Enrichment Program 2023
Professor Interviews

The Summer Enrichment Program is a week-long program where rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors take classes from university professors, explore the campus and the surrounding Fredericksburg area, and experience a taste of college life. During winter break in my senior year (2022–2023), I edited footage of interviews with several professors who were teaching courses in the Summer Enrichment Program. These interviews can be viewed on the SEP Meet the Professors page on the university website.

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro
Footage recorded by Anne Smith

Common Experience

Up until the 2022–2023 school year, incoming students at UMW were required to participate in the Common Experience (formerly known as the Common Read). Students read or engaged with material provided during orientation and had discussion sessions with their peers the week before classes started in the fall. It was their first shared academic experience with other members of the university community.

From 2020–2022, I participated on the Common Experience Committee. I worked with other students to create an overview video for each year that welcomed incoming students to the Common Experience. We collaborated to write scripts, recorded footage separately, and then I edited the videos.
Watch the Common Experience 2020 video and the Common Experience 2021 video.

Edited using iMovie Footage recorded by Audra Young, Christopher Hudert, Callie Jordan, Carleigh Rahn, Cameron Zakreski.

UMW Academic Work

Are We Live

Are We Live? Season 5

Stuff about the class


Created spring 2023


Every Hour Vlog

ds106 canon

Spring 2021

Stuff about the videos (set of videos, include link to playlist)


ds106 canon

Spring 2021

Stuff about the videos (set of videos, include link to playlist)


SirMan Studios:
Out of Context

SirMan Studios: Out of Context

SirMan Studios is a comedy skit YouTube channel run by a friend of mine. I had the idea to create an "out of context" video (similar to other fan-style videos) with content from Steven's videos. 

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